I Won the Snow Bet

Every year, sometime in October, we make a bet on when the first snow storm will arrive. The requirement is that the snow has to stick to the grass.

I guessed December 4. Guess what, today is December 4, and this is what we woke up to! Woo hoo! I should mention that there is no research or science to the guessing. Just close your eyes and pick a day.

There is no prize. It’s just a fun little game we play.

After we clean the snow off the driveway, I need to clean up the gardens a little. I see I forgot to put those mums in the compost pile. Then we are finally going to put up our Christmas decorations. Should be a festive day at our house! Hope you are having a festive day too.

17 thoughts on “I Won the Snow Bet

  1. Beautiful snow pictures! I’ll show them to Mark. We are having rain today, which I love. But snow pictures always make him wish he was still in Minnesota. Silly boy. I think he forgets how much extra work you have to do when you have snow….

  2. I love it that you won the bet – just winning is prize enough – what fun!

    Doesn’t it look awesome when it’s all snowy white – and there’s nothing like an untouched lawn of snow cos you get to go run through it, and make snow angels and throw snowballs lol.

    Have fun Terri and enjoy getting your house all decorated – bet it will look fab when you’re finished :0)

  3. How pretty!
    It’s so exciting seeing snow pictures pop up on blogs.
    I have yet to see a flake here in NC. We had about 5 minutes of sleet today and that’s it. 😦

  4. Hello Terri! Vicky had good price for your ‘First snow bet’!
    Lovely photos! I see that every where has been snowing…here people are still on the beach! If you want some sun and light, please visit my today’s post!
    Wishes from sunny Crete! Teje

  5. We have the same snow here in Central Illinois – it is so beautiful! When I looked out my bedroom window this morning, I saw deer footprints that came right up to my window. How I wish I’d been awake to witness that!!

  6. I do like the idea of a “snow bet” your garden looks so different with the snow. Enjoy your day Terri. Are you planning on making a snowman,that is something I will never get to do!!!!

    Happy days.

  7. Well congratulations Terri. You should at least bet for breakfast in bed or something. 😉

    You guys got a lot more snow than we did down here just over the border into IL. We can still see the grass although the driveway did need to be blown out with the snowblower just to keep it somewhat cleared.

  8. Firstly, I’m HELLA impressed with your snow prediction abilities. You’re better than the weatherman. Especially ours, because…WE got snow today, too!! WE got snow in NORTH CAROLINA!! We had TWO 70 degree days this week and SNOW today! Chaos ensued, grocery stores are cleaned out and people have just generally lost their minds. I guess that’s the nice part about living up in the north-you can have nice bets about the first snow instead of mass hysteria!

  9. Love the snow pictures. I know we will have some before I want it I’m sure. Here I feel if we get it before the first of the year it seems to stay around forever. So at least if we get it after the first of the year I know that it will be gone in at least 3 months. I love snow just don’t like getting into it anymore. Afraid of falling,and hate to drive in it. The older I get the worst it is for me.
    I also want to tell you I loved your pics the other day. Just didn’t get time to post. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a fun idea to take guesses about the first snowfall. We woke up to the same look on Saturday. I had cut down five very large mums just 4 days before the big snow. Yard waste was no longer being collected, so I took them to my friend’s new compost bin after the big snowstorm.

  11. The prize should be, not having to clean the driveway…

    We just have a dusting here, I would assume this very much puts you in the Christmas spirit!

  12. first of all, i love that you have this snow bet! secondly, all the frustration, of your snow delays have paid off! (couldn’t resist teasing you on that one!) it sure is pretty. and festive, too. yay!

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