Art Journal 2011 – Week 3

Last week, I introduced you to my new art journal project. Here are my newest pages:

Our weather has been so cloudy and grey the past month, making it fun to get a snow storm last week to freshen things up.

And then, cause for celebration – the sun came out!

I had fun experimenting with watercolor crayons and illustrating with my Micron markers. There were a couple other techniques I wanted to try on these pages, like glitter on the snow drifts, but I couldn’t find any glitter in the house. I’m hoping to stock up on a few more supplies over the next few days. I have to admit I was also a little short on time because I have so many homework projects due this week!

Be sure to check out Michelle’s awesome new journal pages – she is SO good at this. I am always inspired by her art, making me realize there is a lot I can learn from her. I find it interesting that we journaled about the same topics this week!

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17 thoughts on “Art Journal 2011 – Week 3

  1. I think it’s so much fun to learn together – I LOVE your drawings and you got skiing in there too. Your snowglobe is fantastic (I’m glad that we have managed to avoid snow this week – how funny that we both journalled about sunshine! I think the window view is a brilliant take as I remember you saying earlier in the week that it was warming up your sewing room – I’m really enjoying seeing your cards :0)

  2. Ok, I’m officially in love with this project! They’re so precious! What a cool way to chronicle events over the year! I really love the window picture; great “vantage” point!

  3. Hi Terri1
    I really like the embellishments surrounding your snowglobe!
    Do you know of any really good permanent fabric markers? I have too much solid white fabric waiting to be something else!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I thought the background needed a little bling! I’ve actually never used markers (or paint) on fabric, so I’m not sure what works. I have seen Amy Karol of the angry chicken blog recommend Pigma Micron by Sakura for black lines and Fabrico Dual Market by Tsukineko for colored lines. I’ve never tried either of those on fabrics.Terri

  4. Morning Terri, I like so much this your new project! I love to see how you draw and paint! It’s so nice to see how every one has different way and style! I have tried water-crayons and liked very much!
    You know what – I really hope that you don’t wake up my interest to paint – I just don’t have time for that now – I want to sew!
    Have a wonderful week! xxx Teje
    Ps. I love those ‘glall balls’!

  5. Hi Terri, I am so enthralled by this project (not started my own yet) and your snow globe ….. after all you know what it is like to LIVE in one, but then the sun came out :0)
    I don’t mean to be a nuisance, but can you just explain to me ….. on your playing card do you stick a piece of paper that you have journalled? I need to know these things because as you know I want to make a birthday gift out of the idea, so I must get it right!
    Thank you for your inspirations and patience!

    1. Hi Val. I think it really depends on the paper I use for the outside of the page. If I’m just going to draw or illustrate on heavier paper that can handle markers, then I glue stick a playing card in between my finished cards to make the page more sturdy. If I am going to layer some heavy papers on the outside or add heavy embellishments, then I might not need that playing card in the middle. It’s really up to the artist as to how the pages are designed and put together!Terri

  6. ..really like the snow globe..i’m really enjoying these little works of prompt this week is pink…

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