Art Journal 2011 – Week 4

I’m a bit late in getting my art journal updates completed, since I was out of town last weekend, and have been keeping busy with homework and shoveling from the Snowmaggedon we’ve been in lately.

In the beginning of last week, I knew what I was going to feature for my next art journal pages, even though the event hadn’t happened yet. I have been looking forward to Linkin Park perform live for quite a long time.

I made a copy of my ticket so I could use it as ephemera on my card. I layered some cool rock-n-roll paper, zipper trim, and metal studs from my stash.

I was going to illustrate the next card with a scene from the concert, but these cards are so small, and I didn’t like how it turned out. Instead, I used my concert t-shirt for inspiration, painting the background blue with black edges, adding the band’s logo, and stenciling some of my favorite song names that would fit on this little card. I added some sparkly rhinestone bling to represent the suns and stars.

Yes, I can be a bit of a groupie. But in the midst of snowy storms and winter doldrums, it’s good for the soul to have such cool events to journal about!

* * * * *

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13 thoughts on “Art Journal 2011 – Week 4

  1. It’s brilliant – I love how you have layered and stitched the background and used a copy of your ticket. The zipper is fantastic 🙂

    I also love the band logo on the blue card and the bling-a-ling – such a fun reminder of an awesome weekend.

    It’s great to see you having fun with different techniques and using your sewing too!

  2. I like these. I’ve kept all my concert tickets and play tickets and this is a great idea for making something with them. I’m glad the snow missed us this time. I can’t take much more… 🙂

  3. Glad to here you had a great time. I am to old for concerts like that. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of them either. I like your journal pages. You do good work. The thought you put into your work.
    Keep it up. How is school going? Hope all is well. About the snow. Yes we got this last one. We are snowed in for day two now. Love the snow,glad it waited late to come for I know it won’t last long for spring will be here soon. I hate it when we get snow in Oct. it then makes for a long winter. Take care

  4. Hello Terri!
    Your Journal is so exiting journey! I love these new pages – you have great ideas like the zipper! I think next year you have to make bigger pages because you have so many creative ideas to put on every card! I’m sure you remember youself in the concert every time you look these pages!
    I hear about lots of snow…many of our blog friends are waiting already spring, but we have also now the coldest month of the year. Even daytime + 6; ok not terrible cold but here it feels freezing and I were perhaps more cloths than you do!
    I wish you sunshine and enjoy your crafts! Teje

  5. Hey Terri
    the zipper is great! And since i “confessed” about Bon Jovi..i have inspiration if i finally get to see them!

  6. I also like the zipper trim. And yes you must get out while you can…sounds like your part of the country is going to get alot of icky weather.

  7. Concerts are the best in January (unless its Jimmy Buffitt)! Did you have thunder and lightening like us? Made the storm interesting!!

  8. Everyone said everything already! That’s what I get for being a day behind on my Google reader!! They’re awesome-I’m glad the concert was awesome and (in case I haven’t stressed this enough…) I’m LOVING your journal cards!!

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