17 Inches

Have you ever seen 17 inches of snow before, from one storm? Me either. The storm we had this week dumped between 15 and 17 inches.

There’s nothing like a big blizzard to brighten up your winter doldrums!

I have to admit, the trees look pretty, frosted with a fresh coat of white fluffy snow.

It’s hard to believe there are tulips and daffodils underneath all these massive drifts.

Underneath the mound of snow below on the right are the patio table and chairs. No, really, they are.

You know I love to ski, but the entire time we were out clearing our driveway, I was thinking “southern California, here I come!” (or Las Vegas or maybe even Phoenix)

I’m five feet, five inches tall, and this snowbank is taller!

Good thing everything was closed on Wednesday so we could spend the day clearing off our driveway! On the bright side, I am happy the sun is shining today.

28 thoughts on “17 Inches

  1. THAT is soooo much more snow that we’ve gotten! Wow! The kids around here would never get an education in winter if it was snowing like that!

    Fun photos of your yard… crazy how much snow there is. Really. Here we have maybe a couple feet of snow where the plow pushed it out of the roads to the side… where it hasn’t been touched, there’s maybe a foot of accumulated snow. We keep getting those sunny days that melts things down a bit, and then we get snow that drifts on top of it… it’s a crazy mixture! (Yesterday was freezing rain most of the day!)

    Stay warm!!

  2. We got between that and 20 inches. Don’t think I’ve seen this amount since I was little. We have been in the apt. now for two days. We are getting out today but we have below zero temps this AM. Think I’ll wait till it warms up a little.
    I keep thinking Spring!

  3. That’s a lot of snow! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that much fall at one time, but where I grew up, the snowbanks would be huge due to the ever blowing winds! Life on the plains:)

    Glad the sun is shining at your house today:)

  4. yuck, yuck and double yuck… Feeling for ya girl, that’s more than NYC.. although Connecticut has that much too…
    stay warm stay inside, and sew!

  5. All I can say is WOW and very Impressive pictures to say the least! Fingers cross that the melt down is slow because of flooding issues! Besides shoveling, I hope you getting a chance to play with your sewing projects! Stay warm!

  6. That is seriously alot of snow – and though it looks really really pretty it must be a complete drama to go anywhere! Snuggle up indoors with a little sewing or a good book – imagine how wet it’s gonna be when it all starts melting – yucko!

  7. You know what, I actually have seen this much snow at one time. When I lived in Connecticut we had a weekend storm the winter of 95-96 that dumped 24 inches. It’s the *only* time I can recall that things were actually shut down and I was not expected to be in the lab. Crazy!

  8. Seeing all this snow on various blogs is almost making me feel guilty for being content here in Hawaii with beautiful 80 degree weather! No, I don’t miss having 4 seasons

  9. When I was little, we had Halloween canceled once by a blizzard that dumped something like 15″ in day. I had convinced my parents to allow me to spend the night at a friends – the next morning, I trekked home in my snow pants, I think the block & a half walk probably took 20 minutes, when it was normally 5! And yes, I’m very happy to be a SoCal girl now, so I don’t have to deal with any more crazy snowstorms!

  10. No. No. (and NO!) At least you got a snow day out of it! However, the northern version of a snow day is NOTHING like what I think of when I hear “snow day!” WOW! Coming in at a whopping 4’11.75″ I think I would have been buried. THAT thought alone is enough to send me running for the fireplace and hot apple cider! Stay warm and good luck!!

  11. Your pictures are incredible. And you know, I’m just experiencing the snowmageddon vicariously….
    Please come to southern California. I’ll drive down and meet you. It would be a blast!

  12. Wow! I cannot even imagine that much snow around here! Eeek! SO cold and wet! LOL! You look so tiny in that pic!
    But it is all so beautiful to look at!
    Great pics! TFS 🙂
    hugs, margie

  13. Hi Terri, I love your tree photos and the view from your window. Can you imagine what it was like in a covered wagon, with long skirts …. I think your pioneers must have been amazing people. We are looking a bit like Spring here, I saw my first Snowdrops the other day and the daffs are popping up here and there.
    At least you don’t need a gym membership!
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK

  14. Wow, now that’s a lot of snow.. Thankfully I haven’t experienced that much snow in a long time. Love the photo’s and especially the one of you standing next to the snow berm. I hope it warms up and melts some of that snow soon.

  15. Terri,
    WOW that’s a lot of snow. Have you recoved from all the snow removal!! I don’t think we have ever had that much snow in Nebraska. Your photos are beautiful!!

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