Greenhouse Field Trip

My mom works part-time at a wholesale greenhouse, and she gave us a tour last weekend.

It was amazing to see so many beautiful plants in these huge buildings.

They have three levels of plants growing, from these huge tables to two levels hanging above.

I loved seeing all the beautiful flowers in full bloom.

Here are a couple of my favorites, including these elegant red hydrangeas,

and these cool blue hydrangeas.

I love any variety of daisies.

How about a carpet of purple flowers.

My mom treated us with this cool moss in a rock planter.

By way of contrast, here’s the scene we woke up to this morning, April 20!

If Spring would ever start up again around here, our outdoor gardens might have a chance to continue coming back to life.

14 thoughts on “Greenhouse Field Trip

  1. i LOVE to visit our local greenhouse! it’s so full of possibilities!

    lovely photos! my favorite are those purple flowers. anenomes maybe?

  2. Oh wow – looks amazing and I bet it smelled really good too – all fresh and organic. I really feel for you and that weather you are having at the moment – I wish I could bottle some sunshine and send it your way. Hopefully this will be the last of it. Cool moss in a rock and I love the bright pink daisies. Fingers crossed it won’t be long till you are seeing them in your own garden.

  3. I feel for you and that weather. I don’t know what is worse. We have had at least 3 or 4 days that we have hit the 90’s already. Way above average. With all this strange weather going on what are we all in for this summer?? It’s scarry.
    Love the pics. The greenhouses are always so much fun to go into. Lush green that is what I like. I am a daisy lover also so love the daisy’s.

  4. Hi Terri! That’s wonderful place – we think that it’s a dream to work there – but I know it’s hard also. Anyway lots of beauty around! Your photos are ispiring!
    Snow – I can’t believe!? Terrible! Also we have colder than it should be this time; I’m wearing a pullover at home.
    Have a Happy Easter! xxx Teje

  5. I love the moss rock planter you got! That would go on my mantle!

    You took some lovely photos of the flowers there in that amazing greenhouse… nice still lifes for a painting, eh? 😉

    I’m happy to say that even though it’s still dark, cloudy and chilly a lot of days, it’s also no longer freezing, so lots of flowers are blooming here. Yay, at last!

  6. I don’t have that many specific flowers that I get into but hydrangeas are a favorite 🙂 So happy, puffy and bright! We’ve got two of them! AND SERIOUSLY?! Are you guys EVER coming out of the snow?! We’re at 85 and climbing here!

  7. Beautiful Photo’s! Your mother has a little bit of heaven there in the greenhouse, especially since your weather isn’t cooperating. I hope your afternoon is warmer and that snow melts.

  8. Our local weather forecasters are calling the season “sprinter”….is it spring or is it winter?

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