Garden Update

Since our weather is gradually turning warmer, I thought it would be fun to start sharing what’s happening in our gardens as things come back to life again.

I can’t decide if it seems early to have tulips opening, or if everything else is just late because of our cold, wet spring.

One of the most exciting finds to me is the buds starting to open on the trees.

I look forward to finding more blooming treasures in our yard in the days and weeks to come!

11 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. I wen tto my mother’s farm on easter, and it’s so nice to see the plants starting to poke their heads above ground. Your flowers (especially those daffodils!) look stunning! Yay for Spring!! 🙂


  2. Such vibrant colours – they are all showing off after a long hard winter. I love the colours of the crab apple tree and it’s bark – my crab apple tree has green leaves so I like seeing how different yours is. Happy that spring has finally sprung for you.

  3. Hello Terri,

    Just catching up with your posts. Bulbs are beautiful.Love the place your Mum works in. It would be so nice to see that every working day.
    Hope your Spring days continue.

  4. Your blooms are looking great! It seems that it’s winter one second, and then an explosion of leaves and blooms! I look forward to seeing more of your gardens as the season unfolds!

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