Trail Running Illustration

When our instructor for my drawing class told us we could do whatever we wanted for our final illustration for my drawing class, I looked for a cool picture of a trail runner, since I’ve always wished I could run on the trails.

I went through our usual process of drawing a thumbnail, a rough sketch, and figuring out the composition, lighting, and perspective. I wasn’t sure what media I wanted to illustrate this image, so I practiced a few techniques, from pen and ink with a wash to watercolor to acrylic.

Since I have more experience and confidence with watercolor than the other media, I decided to use my watercolor crayons, along with watercolor in tubes and pencils to get the effects and details I wanted. It was a lot of work to get the right perspective, lighting and shading. I really love how this turned out (final is 12 inches by 18 inches) because it feels like just my style, so I’m excited to share it with you.

13 thoughts on “Trail Running Illustration

  1. Terri, this is fabulous! I love the subject and the perspective you took on this. Unusual and really dynamic. You should be very proud of this!

  2. Hi Terri! That is so good! I can see you running in the forest!
    Well done!
    Have a lovely drawing time!
    xxx Teje

  3. Nice perspective and layout! I love to enjoy nature, but I hate running, but this painting makes me want to give it another try!

  4. Oooo… awesome work on drawing the perspective, Terri! Seriously… the drawing reminds me of some graphic novel art that I’ve seen! Great work catching the action!!

  5. This is really great Terri, I think you did a wonderful job on it. I love how the sneaker looks like it’s coming off the card at me. 🙂

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