Summer Curriculum and Project 1

In addition to the digital photography class we are taking this summer, my good friend K and I are developing our own summer curriculum to stay creative and continue to challenge ourselves. Don’t want to get lazy and rusty over the summer!

We came up with a pretty ambitious list of activities to work on, new techniques to try, drawing and illustration practice, and design challenges.

These illustrations you see throughout this post are my results for our first assignment – to create an image with pen over paint washes, splatters, or blots spread randomly on a piece of paper.

I am not very good at thinking in the abstract, so I had a hard time “seeing” images in my original paint blots. But I tried to free my mind of pre-conceived notions and just “feel” it. Now that they are finished, I really love them. Giving each piece a title was fun too.

We are also going to work on a personal project over the course of the summer. My personal project will be to develop a collection of surface designs that I could have printed with Spoonflower to make my own products with.

16 thoughts on “Summer Curriculum and Project 1

  1. Dear Terri, these are fantastic!!! Especially I love the first one! It could be framed in an expensive gallery! Also the leaves are really wonderful – they look ‘happy’! I see in these two also patchwork!
    Have fun with your art!
    xxx Teje

  2. What a cool idea – the cityscape is really atmospheric! I see a little echo quilting on the other two lol. The blue one is like a map of some kind. Great challenges 🙂

  3. Your drawings are wonderful Terri! What a great idea to challenge yourself and keep up with your drawings. I love your cityscape drawing. I just drew a cityscape the other day and was going to turn it into an art quilt.

  4. What a great idea and how wonderfully these turned out! It really helps to have someone doing this with you to keep the motivation up. I hope you will keep posting your summer challenges. It’s fun to see.

  5. I love the cityscape one! I have a hard time with abstract too. I can’t wait to see your spoonflower fabric I know it will be a hit. I’ve been using my brothers illustrations mostly for mine but want to try my own drawings soon. 🙂

  6. I adore your pieces! All of them!! I’m going to have to try something like this… I really love the results! How fun! I love these types of projects… where serendipity really plays a part!!

    I LOVE them, Terri!!! They’re brilliant, and you’ve done a superb job of executing the technical aspects… I’d totally buy one of these! 🙂


  7. I love these… when I first went to design school, I too had problems thinking in the abstract. You’ve done a fabulous job with all three of these.

  8. Hello Terri,

    I just love the one with the buildings. I can just see something made from this one.
    Happy creating.

  9. Dearest sweet terri, a summer curriculum sounds inspiring and such an awesome idea! I love love these illustrations you share here especially that first one! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

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