Not Just Another Bike Ride

Earlier this week, I was feeling restless. It was a beautiful day outside so I made a spontaneous decision to go for a bike ride down the fabulous trail near our house.

It was an amazing adventure! I saw all sorts of beautiful things, birds, caterpillars, a muskrat, even a snake, and lots of wildflowers.

As you can see, this trail goes through the woods and through fields.

You might be thinking, so what, just another bike ride.

I went over 20 miles! On my hybrid mountain bike. Wearing a pair of cut-off old jean shorts, which you don’t see too often among those hard-core bicyclists all decked out in their technical gear, cruising down the trails in proper form.

You know me, I just love being on the trails. It’s the best remedy for any kind of blues or anxiety I might be feeling. Can’t wait to go again!


  • a bikeride is on my things-to-do-soon list too. We have a great riverwalk here and it’s so pretty. always fun and relaxing!

  • Hello Terri,

    Fresh air is good for the soul, though I could have done without the reptile. Love the flowers you saw along the way. 20 miles thats quite a ride. Hope you get lots more riding done in the Summer.
    Happy days.

  • Fresh air and a little quit time. Sounds great. Here we are already in the 90’s, – 100. To hot for anything outside. I am not a real warm person. I like sweatshirt weather and I don’t think we seen that this year. It went from cold to hot.
    Hope you have a great summer. Lots of crafty things going on I hope.

  • Beautiful… I love a long, meandering bike ride on a lovely trail like that. It definitely feeds the soul, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing, Terri!! xox

  • Um…thanks for not posting a picture of the s****. That would have freaked me out. Otherwise it looks like a fabulous ride.

  • I love these kind of trails. Can’t wait for the kids’ bikes to be repaired so we can do a goo ride together.

  • That would be a fabulous time!!! Hope you are refreshed now:)

  • There’s nothing like a bit of spontaneity, fresh air and freedom to blow away any blues. What a wonderful trail you have to travel – no wonder you can’t wait to get out there again!

  • Lucky you! It looks like so much fun! If I had a place to ride like that, I might buy a bike:)

  • Good for you, Terri! 20 miles is impressive! (my hinder hurts just thinking of that many miles on the bike!)

  • Wow…what a ride…and what gorgeous scenery you had!

  • It looks like it was a beautiful day for a ride! It’s so nice to be able to just get out and clear your head! Beautiful trail!

  • Hey, that’s MY bike trail… of course, I give up long before you do, and collapse onto the porch of a coffee place. But then I draw, so it’s still time well spent.

    Hey. maybe there’s a connection between the biking (exertion+nature) and the getting your creativity recharged.

    So plan a bike trip as part of Assignment 4!

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