Getting Caught Up

I’ve been working hard the past week to get caught up. First on the list, I made a set of art cards for week 27 to remember my road trip to a quilting retreat.

I spent a good part of last week picking raspberries from our garden, getting about a pint each day.

I think I have over 2 quarts so far, and there’s probably another quart to be picked.

I made raspberry jam over the weekend, which I haven’t done in ages. I added a handful of strawberries that were getting a little old and mushy. Man, I can’t believe how much jam I have now! Guess I’ll be eating more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or making scones to spread raspberry jam on.

I’m SO happy I finally finished my chocolate lollipop quilt, after piecing it in Spring 2010 for Randi’s quilt-along.

I don’t know why I procrastinated doing free motion quilting on it because I love how it turned out. It measures 48 inches wide by 62 inches tall.

I’m surprised I even managed to finish the binding already, since I have three other quilts waiting for the binding to be handsewn to the back.

So these highlights are represented on my art cards for the week.

I copied the illustration style of Michelle‘s gorgeous strawberry card because I loved the look and because she always inspires me! It felt good do be drawing and painting again, since it’s been over a week that I’ve worked on any art projects. For my other card, I used a scrap piece of fabric and the selvage to record my new favorite quilt accomplishment.

I have so many project ideas I want to work on, but I also want to get caught upon my unfinished projects so I can move on.

22 thoughts on “Getting Caught Up

  1. Dearest sweet terri, you have been so busy! Your cards are really beautiful and how wonderful to be picking raspberries from your very own garden! I love raspberries! Oh and your lollipop quilt is beautiful and i adore those gorgeous fabrics and colors. Free motion sounds fun tho i have yet to try! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.Happy sunday and love to you!

  2. Such a feast for the eyes! And you have a delicious feast for your mouth – your jam looks so yummy.

    Your lollipop quilt is gorgeous – I can’t believe how quickly you got that binding on. The fabrics are wonderful and I love how you pieced and quilted it.

    And on top of all of that, fantastic art cards (is there no stopping you woman!) lol. Your sewing retreat cards are a great reminder of a fun filled weekend with friends and your road trip (crazy lady *wink*) and this weeks cards are ace – love your raspberries (I wish we had a few more but the birds sure liked them) and what better way to mark the completion of your lollipop quilt than with a matching art card.

  3. We had white raspberries this year-YUM!! I wish we’d saved some and made jam or something but we ate ALL of them 🙂 The Chocolate Lollipop quilt is just adorable, I hope you have somewhere fantastic staked out to show it off!

  4. Terri your quilt came out very nice. It’s fun to finish up projects we have put aside. Wow!!! those raspberries looks really good! I would love have them with some whipped cream and landyfingers! I am a bit of a foodie!

  5. Hi Terri! I love your new quilt! It has so wonderful warm colours and with some white they are perfect! Doing those cards must be fun – I like them so much and especially the last ones! Raspberries… I miss them from Finland! They are my favourite berries and the jam is the best! Enjoy for me too!
    xxx Teje

  6. Beautiful quilt, Terri! The colors and patterns are very harmonious!

    Oh, look at all those raspberries! Yum!! I love raspberries… I think you might have noticed. 😉 I want to learn to make jams & jellies some day, when I have an overabundance of fruit. You’ve been busy!!

  7. I’m not sure where to start on this lovely post. Raspberries–my most favorite berry. Ever. I would LOVE to share some scones with your homemade jam on top. Yum. And your quilt is awesome. My favorite card would be, of course, the chocolate lollipop with the selvage. I’m so happy I got to see the quilt top in person. Now if I could just pop over and see the completed quilt in person, I’d be super happy.

  8. Boy, you have done a lot! The raspberry jam looks yummy! The raspberries here are just starting to ripen, things were a little slow this spring.

    I love the postcards, the technique that you used for the raspberry one is great! I love how it turned out!

    And the quilt looks lovely! You are getting me inspired, I have two or three that need to be finished! I better get moving! LOL!

  9. your art cards are such a great way to document what is going on in your life. what a fun way to journal! your raspberry one is just delightful!

    your jam looks soooooooo good! my grandmother had a raspberry patch. so they always remind me of her.

    your chocolate lollipop quilt is oh-so-wonderful! don’t you just love Anna’s fabrics??? 😉

  10. oh, and of COURSE i loved your art cards that document your fabric adventures. they are so fun!!! i’m happy to see that RF made it on the card. 🙂 and what a great way to use the selvage and pieces of the chocolate lollipop fabrics!

  11. Great job on your art cards Terri! Your quilt is adorable and I love the Strawberry art card. Good for you for getting so much accomplished.

  12. Whoops I meant Raspberry art card and the raspberry jam looks so yummy. My mother inlaw always makes it and gives it to us. Love the fresh jams and jellies.

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