Antique Boxes

I have always wished I were a better antique shopper. My brother has a great selection of antique shops in the town he lives in, so we did a little shopping on my trip to visit him last weekend.

I found these cool boxes, which turn out to be perfect sizes to store my art card collection and a few art supplies.

I also found this antique wooden box that was originally used for cheese packaging.

Both boxes were in good condition, on sale, and the perfect size for holding my art cards and art supplies. I’m not a big collector of antiques or any kind of knick-knack stuff. So it’s nice to find a few treasures now and then that I can put to good use.

14 thoughts on “Antique Boxes

  1. Hi Terri! I love old things like that and especially boxes! Yours are beautiful and how wonderful that the other one is just perfect for your cards!
    xxx Teje

  2. I love stuff like that! I don’t like knick-knacks unless they’re functional. That’s why I have a box, bowl, basket, dish fetish . . . those are great finds!

  3. I,too wish I had better luck. I think sometimes I see something,though and wonder what I will use it for besides collecting dust. It has to have a purpose or I am movin’ on! I like your wooden boxes,nice storage!

  4. Hi Terri
    really like those boxes..your card art themes are a good idea…i’m so pleased we are still all hanging in…it was a great idea Shell and i can’t wait till the end of the year when we have completed to see all the lovely artwork we have finished

  5. Thinking I should be getting some trading cards done. Great boxes and now that your supplies are prettier they will be used more. (I too have bad luck antique shopping… but it looks like these certainly fit the bill… errr card.)

  6. These boxes are super cool. Mark and I are not antiques collectors, at least not for any kind of “value.” So tomorrow I’m doing a post on how mark let me screw cuphooks into the top of an old English armoire so I could hang my design wall from the top of it. Some people will probably think awful thoughts about me…oh, well, I have my 36-patch blocks on it and it makes me happy… 🙂

  7. I wish I were a better antique shopper, too. I like your finds, though! I am such a sucker for boxes, containers, little cupboards, etc. Those finds will be fun for you to have and use!

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