Update From the Trail

We haven’t been hiking or on any trails in a few months, so it was a treat to have a free day this weekend for a hike.

We lucked out with such a gorgeous day of sunshine, mild temperatures, and a light breeze.

I love the feeling of being in the woods ecosystem, experiencing the different smells and sounds.

It’s fun to see the vegetation that grows along the trail. We saw lots of Queen Anne’s Lace, wild parsnip, and purple thistles. Seeing these wild black-eyed susan flowers made me wish I had planted these in our gardens. They bloom in summer when most of our other perennials are done for the season.

We also spied a yellow caterpillar, which I’ve never seen before. I’ve only seen the brown and black striped wooly bear caterpillars in Autumn.

Spending time on the trail is always a good boost for my soul, especially this time of year when my creativity tends to wane a bit.


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