Flower-A-Day Thumbnails

I haven’t been very good at keeping up with my drawing practice lately. I have been catching up on lots of other creative projects, so I feel like I’m ready to pick up my sketchbook and pencil again.

Remember when I shared with you the start of my flower-a-day page of thumbnails? I finally finished it! Let me tell you, it feels so good to finish this page.

I’m planning to continue working on drawing more everyday objects, which I find quite challenging and relaxing.

15 thoughts on “Flower-A-Day Thumbnails

  1. Lovely flower drawings, Terri! Thanks for sharing your progress! Have you tried to not draw the outlines of images, but start with the negative space? That’s an interesting process for a drawing… you should give it a try!

    🙂 Hope you have a great day! I have today off, so I’m going to enjoy it!!

    1. Thanks Shari! It was a fun exercise to just practice doing small thumbnail sketches of flowers in our gardens. But I do love the way it turned out as a full page.I have drawn images with just the negative space, which is a cool effect. In a couple of my drawing classes last year, we practiced that technique with pastel paper and white charcoal. I shared some of those drawings here: https://terrisnotebook.wordpress.com/2011/04/22/heightened-drawings/It's my day off too, so I’m going to soak up all the beautiful fresh air I can! And then work on a couple art projects. And maybe bake some cookies too.~Terri

  2. OH how I love that flower a day project you did!!! Right up my alley of interests! As you know I LOVE flowers and learning about them:)

    Come by my blog to give me your opinion on which color palette I should use for my next quilt(please!)?

  3. This page is great! It really is nice to see a bunch of images all on one page, rather on different pages. You get a very nice feel for the variety. Great idea!

  4. It looks great – I love the way some of the flowers are spilling out of their boxes. Hope you manage to keep up with your sketching during your breaks and having fun doing so.

  5. I LOVE black and white flowers!! Strange, I know, but I do love ’em. The little details in each one give every flower such a distinct personality…beautiful!

  6. Your flowers are wonderful. Keep up your drawing! I said it before and I will say it again….I are talented!!! 🙂 I clicked on your link to see the other drawings. Really good.

  7. Dearest sweet terri, so happy to hear that your creative drawing mojo is back! I am loving your gorgeous flowers! So so beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  8. Hello Terri,

    Just beautiful, your mojo was there all the time. You could turn these into a small stitchery hanging.
    Happy creating.

  9. Wow, Terri! Your page is great! It looks beautiful and you are quite talented. I like Bev’s idea of turning it into a stitchery or something!

    Love the cover of your sketchbook, too. 🙂

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