Garden Update – Late Summer Treasures

One thing I love about these mild late summer days is finding cool things happening in our gardens.

Some days turn into a treasure hunt in nature.

I like to think we have our own little eco-system going in throughout our yard.

We have been enjoying beautiful late summer days lately, with mild, dry, sunny and cooling temps.

I cherished a peaceful day off last week by spending an afternoon experimenting with the travel watercolor kit I received from my best buddy.

It was fun to mess around with the palette of colors that came in this little kit. At first, I thought it might too hard to paint an image with such a limited collection of colors. Once I got mixing and painting, I realized how fabulous this little kit is, with just the right about of paint colors, perfect little mixing trays, a water bottle, a mini brush just right for working on my art cards, and a cover that doubles as a water dish.

Hope you’re finding opportunities to relax and enjoy these late summer days too!

10 thoughts on “Garden Update – Late Summer Treasures

  1. HiTerri! Your garden seems to be full of treasures and lovely surprises!
    I have similar water colour kit and it’s perfect and colours are good quality!
    Enjoy your painting!
    xxx Teje

  2. We have fun going in the back yard over to Ayden’s garden and hunt down all the bugs. I.E. dragon flies, bees,butterflies and FROGS everywhere!

    Enjoy those watercolors!!

  3. Hello Terri,

    Spider webs are so interesting, except for the spider!! Enjoy your paints from Shell,looking forward to see what you paint.
    Happy days.
    p.s. that tree looks the perfect spot to be.

  4. I love the little fairy-like habitats you have in your yard! The mossy area at the base of the tree… the step-like fungi, and that awesome spider web! Exciting finds!

    What a cool watercolor set! I want to find something like that for myself… right now I always bring tubes with me, and it’s hard to know what colors I might want. Plus, mixing from tubes when you’re on the go is not the easiest thing to do. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Yay for spiders!! That means you have a healthy garden 🙂 I used to leave my porch light on for our spiders (so bugs would fly into their webs, of course!). Everything is lovely, as usual!

  6. Beautiful garden photos! I have the smaller version of that watercolor set you have. Although I haven’t done much art lately this inspires me to get them back out. 🙂

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