Update From the Trail

I love having Sundays off, especially when the weather is beautiful.

It’s becoming a routine for us to go hiking on Sundays. Some of you who know me well know how passionate I am about being on the trails, any trail, especially a hiking trail.

There are so many treasures to find this time of year.

My hubby spotted this cool pink flower, which reminded me of a caterpillar.

This time around, we noticed a lot of berries starting to ripen.

It was cool to study the variety of colors and ways berries grow in the wild.

We also came across some wildflowers, er maybe just weeds, that had interesting architecture.

I love seeing the progress of queen anne’s lace, from the buds opening,

to the delicate and lovely flowers.

We spied these gorgeous little purple flowers that reminded me of forget-me-nots.

Each time we go hiking, whether it’s on the same trail, or a different trail, it’s so fun to make a treasure hunt out of the adventure, noticing the eco system going on in the woods.


  • It’s so easy to overlook the little treasures in nature. Thanks for pointing out some beauties!

  • this is my favorite time of year to hike. it’s still pretty, but not blazing hot. your trail looks beautiful!

  • The queen annes lace did look enticing from looking at your process shot!

    Hiking can be such an adventure can’t it:)

  • You had a wonderful trail hike! That not-yet-open Queen Anne’s Lace looks a little like a hummingbird’s nest! So dainty, and perfectly shaped for little eggs!

    Very pretty flowers and cool berries! Those weeds are a familiar sight in California. I was always ripping them out of my garden!! I don’t see them much in PA, they have different weeds here, which I tend to call “wildflowers” haha.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely hike with us!

  • Beautiful pictures! I think I would love to go hiking with you and your camera…

  • You have had a very busy week! I love the pictures you took of the different aspects of nature in your yard. If we take the time to stop and look around, we can be amazed by so many things!

    The art cards, and your nifty travel watercolor kit are great! What a wonderful way to be able to take along and use something creative, when the mood strikes us!

    A hike is so wonderful this time of the year. The summer is about to close, and fall is fast approaching. Nature really takes a turn, you can see the changes so nicely when you get out on the trail!

    Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful week! Take care, Cheryl

  • Looks like another nice nature walk! Very peaceful!

  • Such beautiful landscapes! What a treasure to find the flowers along the trail, too! Thanks for sharing!

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