I always thought it would be cool to collect something. I’ve moved over 15 times over the years, so I’ve never had enough space or patience to deal with having a lot of stuff. In fact, every few months I go through our house looking for any clutter or things we’re not using that I can donate to a charity.

If I were to collect something, I would collect journals and sketchbooks, hence the name of my blog: Terri’s Notebook. I have never been without a notebook. My mind is constantly working, so I try to write everything down as ideas, inspiration, and to-dos come up.

Ever since we had to create our own sketchbooks for my Concept Development class last semester, I’m addicted to all sorts of notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, and moleskins. I especially love to make my own and learn new techniques for bookmaking.

I’m happy to report that I actually use the sketchbooks I collect, and have been filling them up with regular drawing practice.

My latest favorite is this colorful sketchbook I bought at Blicks. The cover is a collage of Pantone color chips.

The inside pages are graph paper with blank space at the bottom of each paper.

I also realized that I love eye shadow palettes, so add these to things I collect. I am usually drawn to them for the cool packaging.

But they also have to have a selection of colors I will use.

My husband reminded me that I love lip balms, so I guess I collect those too!

My collections are not very big, and I use all these things regularly, so it’s not so bad after all, is it?! (shush and just nod your head in agreement!)

13 thoughts on “Collections

  1. Great collections! I would love to have a collection of Pantone items–a mug, a cool tin box, and now I want this notebook! So far I don’t have a single one of them so it’s just a collection in my head…

  2. Hi Terri! I love your notebook collection and now when seeing your lip balms I remember you have told about them! I don’t remember what I collect – too many things – one for sure: coffee mugs! And materials and more materials! I have too much stuff just because I know that I can use them but perhaps I won’t have time enough. I collect fabrics and yarns, magazines …
    better I stop. Have a great weekend making sketches to your notebooks!
    xxx Teje

  3. Oh, we are so alike… I too go through the house and weed out every few months, I have packed and moves so many times that I don’t allow myself to accumulate too quickly. I’m even that way about “stash”ing fabric. Love the DB sketchbook, I’m needing one of those.

  4. I’m nodding too 🙂

    You have some fun, useful collections. I’m a bit of a notebook addict but cannot really think of anything I collect. One of the precious collections I’ve recently started is letters from a very dear friend – that is one collection I’m hoping will continue to grow for many many years to come 😉

  5. I can totally relate to your post!!! Ahah
    I just love notebooks. But I never finish them ’cause after a while I want to start another one… *weirdooo*
    As for the eye shadow palettes… I’m addicted to them too! Great collection!

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