Domestic Tuesday

Tuesday has become my day to be domestic. I have to admit, I am thankful for another quiet day, and loving every minute!

I’ve been working on a couple sewing projects,

and baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies,

and enjoying a warm, sunny day.

It feels good to be so domestic, creative and productive, all while enjoying a beautiful, quiet day.

18 thoughts on “Domestic Tuesday

  1. I never thought about combining pumpkin and chocolate chips before. Now I need to make your cookies!! Wednesday is my day at home to do all those bits and pieces – bliss. Love the little beads you are stitching – can’t wait to see more.

  2. Now you’re talking my language with those gorgeous seed beaded flowers – they look wonderful – are you enjoying them 🙂

    Also are you working on another tree quilt? It looks fantastic too – I love those little trees and isn’t it lovely to see how each one looks different with the fabric choice.

    COOKIES – yum! Bet you Dave polished those off before any of us queuing bloggers could get our hands on them 🙂

    So pleased you enjoyed another relaxing domestic day – hope it’s not too long before you can enjoy another 😉

  3. Your flower project is very pretty and the beading really adds some pizzazz!
    Can’t wait to see the two projects complete and those cookies look yummy! I recently made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, love anything with pumpkin in it.

  4. I love the stitching you’re doing! The beads add a nice, sparkly touch!

    Oh, I love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! I made them for our pumpkin carving party last month and they were gone by the end of the evening! What do you put on yours? I don’t put anything, but that icing looks yummy!

    1. Thanks Shari. It’s been great to have a couple sewing projects. I haven’t sewn with beads in years, so that project is fun. I put canned pureed pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg in my cookies, along with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting on top. They are divine!

  5. Sorry my comments are so short and strange looking lately. My computer died and I have a hard time typing on my phone 😦

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