A Market That Began As A Fruit Stand

I went on another food adventure, with a visit to Brennans Market last week. A lot of people around here shop there and love this market, but for some reason, I haven’t been there in years. It was time for me to catch up!

The owner began his business in the mid 1940s as a fruit stand, buying direct from the growers. He later added cheese to the selection. In the late 1960s, Brennans Market was opened in several locations, offering fresh produce, cheese, wine, beer and speciality foods. The coolest tidbit about this market is learning that the family personally visits and inspects every farm, orchard, vineyard, microbrewery and cheese factory they do business with, from the United States to Canada, as well as Australia, Chile, New Zealand and Ireland.

Beautiful selection of seasonal Fresh Fruit

Fresh Vegetables

The most amazing selection of Cheeses

Dreamy selection of speciality cheeses

Beer Island, which was also a fun place to admire clever labels.

Some varieties of Porter I want to try

Wine, local, domestic and international

They have notecards lying on the tables with a nice selection of recipes using ingredients conveniently laid out on the table for you. My mouth is watering just imagining their classic fondue recipe, using Emmentaler and Gruyere cheeses. Can’t wait to try that!

All under one roof. What more could a market need! I appreciated the clean, open environment; samples of fruit, cheese and sausage at every corner; and helpful staff at every corner, just waiting for you to ask for a recommendation so they could offer some expert advice. It was especially fun to visit a market that is always bustling with activity!

4 thoughts on “A Market That Began As A Fruit Stand

  1. Looks like a really cool place to visit and gather culinary inspiration. I love the sign – make your own 6 pack!!!

    Unfortunately I can’t eat cheese at all but I love seeing all of the fresh fruit and veg 🙂

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