Man and Cat Update

Thank you everyone for all your prayers, good thoughts and the good karma you sent our way this week!

Both surgeries we had going on went well.

Dave (the man!) had a bit of a rough time getting over the effects of the anesthesia, but his doctors are very happy with the results of his surgery. They put stitches into his eye muscles to tighten them so his eyes move together and normally, like the rest of us. (The technical term is Strabismus.) He’s not seeing double vision anymore, and he can see and read without his glasses for the first time in… ever!

Angel (the cat!) was also pretty freaked out from the after effects of the anesthesia. After she calmed down, she has been able to eat normally and rest. She has seven stitches (the vet called them staples!) that have to be removed in a couple weeks, and we have to give her medicine which is always a challenge. The lab results from the lump they removed should be back in a week, so if you have any cat prayers you can spare, we would definitely appreciate them.

Throughout this week, I realized how squeamish I really am! It’s a good thing I’m not a mother. Seeing someone you love in any kind of pain is heartbreaking. I came to realize that Dave is my rock, as if I didn’t know that before. He brings out the best in me. And we make a great team. Thank goodness he’s such a healthy person!

We are also thankful to all the doctors and staff, clinics and hospitals we visited this week. If I weren’t such a squeamish person, I think the medical profession would be one of the most gratifying things to do.

Hope you had a good week and enjoy your weekend!

12 thoughts on “Man and Cat Update

  1. I am so glad to here that everything came out so well. That is one thing I think we all take for granite is our health.
    Thank god you are both pretty healthy. Stay that way. Excerise, eat healthy and love one another.
    Glad all went well for David and the cat.

  2. Dear Terri, sorry I have been busy and not much around. I’m so happy to hear that everything is fine! Health is the most important thing! I glad that you have there good doctors and hospitals – here things are more difficult…
    Sunny wishes to you and your family! x Teje

    1. Thank you! It’s been quite a week around here. The main worry left for us is the test results from Angel’s surgery. I’m off to get some homework done now.Take care,Terri

      ~explore. dream. discover.~

  3. Such a lovely post Terri – your love and thanks for Dave and your fur babies shines through – such a moving post and I’m really glad that everything went well and I’m sending lots of hopeful wishes that all is clear for Angel x

  4. Terri ~ I am so glad all went well with your husband’s and Angel’s surgeries. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers as you await Angel’s test results. She is, by the way, absolutely precious and reminds me so much of my “frustration,” aka Devlin, aka the devil…haha.

  5. I’m glad Dave is doing better. And hope Angel will do well too. It’s not always easy being the caretaker. I know what you mean about the squeamish part–I type medical stuff all day, but sometimes I can’t even handle CSI on TV.

  6. I am so glad to hear that both are now doing well! It is so hard to see someone you love go through things that can potentially end up negative, and thank goodness everyone is now healthy!

    Lots of kitty prayers for Angel still coming your way!

  7. Just getting caught up on some blog reading…so glad to hear everything is going okay for Dave. Will keep the Angel in my thoughts. It’s rough to see everyone you love going through a rough time!

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