Painting a Color Wheel and A New Bag

For my Color Media class, we are creating a 12-color color wheel. It has to have one tint, the full chroma, and two shades. (Don’t mind the messy edges; they are taped off and will be neat and tidy when I pull off the tape.)

Our homework over the weekend was to paint the green, red and yellow sections, with instructions to listen to music, enjoy a cup of coffee, and watch the paint dry. I have such a great teacher! (no, really, he is an amazing artist and a great teacher.)

We had to buy 12 acrylic paints for our color kit.

Of course, I needed a new bag to hold my paints!

This is my medium size stuff sack, which has a flat bottom and piping around the perimeter, and turns out to be the perfect size to hold 12 bottles of paint.

As I mentioned recently, pattern for the stuff sacks coming soon! I will also try to share with you my complete color wheel once it’s finished.


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