Show and Tell: Chocolate Lollipop Ticker Tape

I don’t have class this week because it’s spring break, which is great timing since our weather has been unbelievably gorgeous. I’m talking sunshine and warm temperatures, as in shorts and flip flops weather! In addition to getting caught up on a few things around the house and yard, I am taking advantage of a little free time to play.

I think Amanda Jean’s ticker tape quilt idea is such a great way to capture a favorite fabric collection or a set of favorite scrap pieces.

I’ve been saving little pieces of scraps from my chocolate lollipop stash, just because I love them and don’t want to throw them away. With that in mind, I thought it would be fun to make a ticker tape quilt with the smallest of snippets. I made this mini quilt which measures 16 inches wide by 20 inches tall. I love how it looks with that plaid fabric for the binding. Now I need to find the perfect spot to hang this to showcase my favorites.

Do you have a favorite fabric collection you would like to preserve in a sewing or quilting project?

Thanks for stopping by!


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