From My Idea File: Bartering

Remember when swapping just started to become popular a few years ago in the sewing blog land? We were swapping mini quilts, friendship bags, mug rugs, and now pillows are the favorite project.

Ever considered doing a swap with a friend who has something you want and vice versa? My friend Cindy and I recently traded goods.

She agreed to get this book for me, which has so many wonderful projects I can’t wait to try.

… if I would agree to make her a stuff sack from my new pattern. Sounded like a great trade to me!

Actually, I ended up making her two, one medium size with Lizzy House‘s Outfoxed fabrics (above) and one large size with Lizzy’s Hello Pilgrim fabrics (below). I think her whimsical artwork translates so well to fabrics; these collections are so darn cute!

We both loved our new goodies! Consider thinking outside the box next time you want to buy something but can’t spend the money. See if there’s something you could offer to a friend as a trade.

Thanks for stopping by!


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