Make Your Own: Checkerboard Set Pattern

One of the first products I made to sell in my Etsy shop (when I first opened back in 2009) was a Checkerboard Set, and they have since all sold out.  I thought it would be fun to share the pattern for this set so you can make your own set.

When I originally came up with this idea, I wanted to take a game set with me when traveling, so I made a lined drawstring bag to carry everything in.

This pattern includes instructions for making four different projects: the game board, the lined drawstring carrying bag, the small drawstring bag to carry the checkers, and the checkers. It’s for sale for $10.00. You may purchase it here:

Add to Cart

It’s a PDF-to-print, so you don’t have to pay for shipping costs, printing costs, or wait for delivery via snail mail. It will be delivered to your email address as an Adobe PDF file format.

I have added information about this Checkerboard Set pattern to the tab at the top of my blog called Patterns.

It’s also listed in my Etsy shop under the new Printable Patterns section.

You can also purchase my patterns from my pattern store on Craftsy.

I'm a Craftsy Designer

One last place to find this pattern – at my Big Cartel shop.

Personally, I love being able to carry this game set with me when I travel, so I hope you will love it too.

Stay tuned for more patterns coming soon. Thanks for stopping by!

PS – If you buy a pattern, I would love it if you share a photo of your project in the Flickr group I created: Patchwork Trails Patterns. Thank you!


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