Thankful Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday! This is the day I like to share the things I’m thankful for from the past week as a way to appreciate the week I had, by sharing a list, a story or a picture.

1. I’m excited about the magazine article layout I designed for my typography class. We had to present our layout in front of class, and then get feedback on how to make it better. I find critique days hard to get through, but they are a helpful way to improve our work. So I’m thankful to be challenged like this.

2. I’m also excited about the new painting we started in Color Theory class – a composition of crazy flowers we sketched, to be painted in an analogous color scheme (5 colors next to each other on the color wheel). We will be painting this piece using acrylics as watercolors and a wet-into-wet technique, which I like. So I am thankful for the chance to draw flowers and learn a new watercolor technique.

3. I get to spend the day with my mom, whom I haven’t seen in a couple months. (She spends the cold winter months in Florida.) Can’t wait to see her!

4. It was warm enough one day this week to open the windows. The outside smells so good, especially in Spring!

5. I am thankful Starbucks gives you a free cup of coffee when you return your empty coffee bean bag.

Hope you have a few things to be thankful for this week.

7 thoughts on “Thankful Friday

  1. Enjoy your Mom being home. I am thankful b/c my parents were in a car wreck last night that totaled their car & my Mom ended up with 5 broken ribs but they are both still alive! That phone call was frightening & the wait to see how she was was excrutiating.

  2. Hello Terri,

    Enjoy the time with your Mum, you can go and sit outside in that beauitful garden. So glad to hear you survived the class room, being back at school in front of everyone would be a bit scary, sounds like you aced it. Congratulations.

    Happy times.

  3. Hi Terri! You’ve been busy! Your color theory class sounds like fun! I hope you show us your painting. How long is your program? Congrats on your magazine layout!

    1. Thanks Rebecka! I have in fact been quite busy lately. I will try to share some of my projects soon. My graphic design program is 2 years, so I’m over halfway there.

  4. Feedback can be hard on the ego. One thing my advisor taught me in graduate school was to really value feedback and view it as a reinforcer. He always said, “That someone would take time out of their busy schedule and pay attention enough to something you did to provide you with constructive criticism and give you things to think about is a gift.” That has really stuck with me, and when I read criticism of my work, if it is well thought out and clearly something someone spent a lot of time to give me, I am grateful for it. Even if it stings a little. And, even when I’m muttering about how they’re wrong, in the end, when my outcome is better because of the feedback, I know deep down in my heart they were right. 😉

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