From My Idea File: Drawstrings

Have you ever made a drawstring bag? And have to make the drawstring?

I make a lot of stuff sacks and drawstring bags, and while I don’t mind making the drawstring, I really love using shoelaces for my drawstrings. The plastic end works perfectly for lacing through the drawstring channel.

I buy these packets of shoelaces for 79 cents each, which includes a set of two laces (of course, one for each shoe!). I like to use the athletic laces for large stuff sacks and the sneaker laces for medium and small stuff sacks and drawstring bags. There are lots of bright colors available, especially at shoe stores like Journeys. I keep a supply of white on hand, since white usually goes with everything.

I also  love to slip the plastic ends of these shoelaces through a drawstring toggle to cinch the bag closed.

Next time you’re making a drawstring bag (or a stuff sack ;)), consider using a shoelace.

Thanks for stopping by, my friends!


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