My friend Amanda Jean was in town recently to do a book signing at a new sewing hangout.

She brought me a bag full of “happies!”

Note: Happies are a concept invented by Rene and Michelle’s mom: “a small, unexpected gift given for no specific reason other than just because.”

She brought me so many wonderful things! A beautiful mini quilt in my favorite colors, a thread basket, a pincushion, (still hoping to see a pattern to come out for those two goodies),  a stack of fabric squares, another stack of fabrics, soap, lip balm and chocolate. What more could a creative girl need!

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10 thoughts on “Happies

  1. Wow…that’s what I call a happy!!! I love that mini quilt. Beautiful!! And the pincushion…I have been drooling over those cute little things 😉

  2. I love “happies”! My sister and Isend each other “happies” all of the time. It’s fun to get an unexpected squishy envelope in the mail!

  3. Awww I love that concept. 🙂 I don’t know if there’s a special word for that in French… I can use the English word anyway.
    English sounds so cool 😉
    Have a very nice day, Terri.

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