A Die Cut Project

One of the projects we had to design for my Print and Design Production class was a die cut of a promotional character for a service, product or event. (a die cut means cutting a printed piece into a custom shape, commonly used in packaging and pocket folders.) The character had to have typography on it, either advertising the product or announcing the event, it had to have two moving parts, and it had to fill up an 11″ x 17″ piece of paper.

I sketched ideas in my sketchbook, things I could actually draw on paper and on the computer, a bumble bee, a flamingo, a crab, a hummingbird, a peacock, a seagull, and several butterflies.

I asked my teacher for feedback and help narrowing down my ideas, and she suggested I go with the butterfly, using the butterfly exhibit at our botanical gardens for the subject of my typography. Here’s how my butterfly die cut looks on paper before it’s cut out and assembled:

Here’s the final die cut butterfly, with the wings up:

When you move the forewings down, the event announcement is revealed underneath.

The point of this assignment was to design a promotional character with 3 colors, learn how to set up a production file with a die line, and how to prepare files for professional printing with the right specs. It was a lot of hard work in two days but so rewarding. I designed a couple more fun projects along this theme, so stay tuned. I do love graphic design!


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