An Art Booklet

My final project for my interim summer class Print and Design Production was to design an art booklet paying homage to an artist you admire or featuring your own art. (The point of the project was to learn how to prepare digital files for a printing press.) I was originally going to feature the work of Dugald Stermer who is known for his illustrations in field guides. But, at the time, his website was temporarily down so I couldn’t find enough high resolution images to use for a book.

Discovery by Dugald Stermer (photo source here)

As is often the case with graphic design projects, I had to switch gears. Since I had already done the monarch butterfly for my die cut project, and I was already thinking about botanical and butterfly illustrations with my first idea, I decided to do an art booklet/field guide featuring my own illustrations of butterflies. The only problem was I had to draw more butterflies, and I had about 2-3 days to pull this concept together.

Again, as is often the case for me, when I pull a design project together, I aim high. Why not, I want to earn an A! So I started drawing butterflies during every free moment I could find. I figured I needed at least five butterflies for the layout I had in mind for this booklet.

I envisioned this book printed on brown craft paper, and I love how that turned out. Here’s an example of an inside spread.

I like to take advantage of any opportunity to use my logo, so I put that on the back cover, in a black and white version since we were limited with our color palette for this project.

I also included a couple pages in the back with credits, sources, and an artist statement talking about my inspiration.

I tested the book on white paper, and I love how that turned out too.

This project was a lot of hard work but so very rewarding.

I now have a new obsession with butterflies! In fact, I love to sit as still as possible in our backyard, waiting to spot a butterfly or two.

Since that print production class ended, I’ve drawn at least seven more butterflies so my field guide/art booklet has grown from the original 16 pages to 28 pages. That makes the book a lot thicker, which means I will change my original binding from a saddle-stitch (stapled in the fold) to a spiral binding so it can lay flat when open.

I’m planning to print a small run of these so I will share more pictures of that new version when it’s finished and properly bound. I also have a couple poster designs in the works with this same theme, which I’m very excited about too.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love graphic design?!


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