Pattern Testing

It’s always a privilege to test a sewing or quilting pattern for a friend. So I was thrilled when my friend Amanda Jean asked me to test a pattern from her book Sunday Morning Quilts.

I think you’ve heard me say that I’m not very good at using my scraps, so this book is perfect for me because it’s chock full of creative new ideas for organizing scraps to make beautiful quilts.

I tested the Scrappers Delight pattern, which is made up of strings and snippets. These blocks actually made me love working with my scraps again. It was a challenge to come up with just the right scrap to sew next, from size to color, kind of like putting together a puzzle. This pattern was very easy to follow and fun to make, so I highly recommend trying it! This block set came out to a 25-inch square, so I’m planning to quilt it and turn it into a big throw pillow for the floor.

I also tested the storage cube using a pile of strips from my Chocolate Lollipop stash. It measures 8 inches wide and 6 inches high. It works perfectly for holding more scraps, but I use it to hold sewing patterns and fabrics. These storage cubes are addicting to make and have so I highly recommend trying this pattern too!

I love seeing the success Amanda Jean’s and Cheryl’s book is experiencing! I’m so proud of all the hard work they put into writing these patterns and writing their book. Their combined talent is so inspiring! And I feel lucky I was able to contribute in such a small way.

16 thoughts on “Pattern Testing

    1. Thanks Rene. That’s funny – I’ve never heard anyone say they were hesitant to make anything that isn’t flat! They really are quite easy… and super handy to have around.

  1. How fun is pattern testing!! Love the blocks you were able to put together and I think it will look divine as a pillow!

  2. They are so fun!!! Love that storage cube—want it, need it, when can I try to make it??? LOL Your scrappy blocks are going to make the most fabulous floor pillow—need my addy? ;D

  3. dude! i love both of your projects! thank you so much for testing the patterns for me. it’s much appreciated! and thanks for sharing your scraps with me. my quilts are so much better because of it!

    can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! xoxox

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