Photography Class

I just completed my intro to digital photography class, which is required in our graphic design program. As usual for classes in this program, I learned a lot!

We started out learning basic camera functions, which I needed since I didn’t know how to use my new camera to its fullest potential, especially the manual settings. I usually take a lot of outdoor pictures and closeups, so it was good to expand my horizons.

We learned how to freeze objects in motion by adjusting our shutter speed.

(these two cars aren’t parked – they are actually both in motion, going in opposite directions)

We learned how to blur objects in motion with a focused background with more shutter speed adjustments.

and how to pan along with objects in motion.

We also had to photograph time. What does time look like? What does it mean? To me, in one shot, adjusting the aperture on my camera, it could mean this:

Or it could means this:

We learned how to do night photography, something I could never get to turn out until now.

We learned how to photography studio still life. It was great having access to studio equipment, soft lights, spot lights, and nice table backdrops.

We learned how to do studio portraits, again with access to high-end photography studio equipment.

(special thanks to my friend’s daughter Jayme for sitting as my studio model)

We learned how to take panoramic shots, which was a lot of fun. My final print is 42 inches wide!

Our final project was to take a self-portrait. I finally figured out how to get all the manual settings just right and the self-timer and the angle of the tripod.

I finally feel comfortable taking pictures using the manual settings of my camera, how to set the aperture and shutter speed, and how to take a wider variety of photos than I knew before this class. We did a little photo-editing in Photoshop, which is always great fun, but not too much editing. It’s better to take a great picture in the first place, isn’t it. And now, my summer break officially begins… cheers!

Thanks for stopping by!


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