Sewing With Friends

My circle of sewing friends includes my blog readers who sew and a couple people I know locally who sew.

It’s a lucky day when you get to meet your blog readers / sewing friends in person. An even luckier day when you get to spend an entire weekend sewing with them! Last weekend was the third year in a row we got together for our retreat at Gruber’s Quilt Shop and retreat center in central Minnesota.

We had eight people this year instead of our usual ten: (front row) Cindy, Amanda Jean, Stephanie, (back row) Doris, Michelle, Rene, me, and Mary. (we missed Shelly and Toni this year.)

Our fabric tastes and sewing styles are different and complementary, so we get along quite well. Of course, we do A LOT of sewing! I haven’t had much time for sewing over the past six months, with the busy class and homework schedules I’ve had. I didn’t realize how low my sewing motivation had gotten until I started sewing again. I sewed a lot!

I made two patchwork rugs using my Innocent Crush stash, one for a bathroom and one for my new screen printing station in the basement.

I pieced together a patchwork tablecloth using a variety Garden Party fabrics, Loulouthi fabrics and solids from my stash. It just needs a border and backing.

I quilted concentric squares on my scappers delight block to be used as a pillow cover for the 25-inch pillow form Amanda Jean made for me.

I pieced together wonky stars for a table runner and a center piece using more of my Innocent Crush stash.

I made a set of zipper pouches from some of my Spoonflower fabrics to share with everyone for our “happies” exchange. (I will share the happies I received in another post.)

The most fun was digging through my scrap bin to piece together new fabrics. I ended up making giant pincushions. Giant, as in this 9-inch square!

For this one, I had a wrist rest in mind but it also kinda looks like a bolster. I just love it!

It was crazy fun hanging out with like-minded people, fabric lovers who share my same creative enthusiasm, uber talented sewers, and the nicest women a girl could ask for in friends. Thanks for stopping by!

PS – I did a bit of fabric shopping which I am excited to share with you in another post.

25 thoughts on “Sewing With Friends

  1. Speedy! Love all your new stuff, especially seeing your fabric in those little pouches:)

    A new screen printing station in the basement! Awesome! Don’t get ink on that gorgeous rug! (said in my sternest mom voice) 😀

    1. Thanks Vicki! It felt awesome to get so much done over the weekend. I ended up getting ink on my favorite pair of shorts, so I don’t think I’ll mind if I get ink on my new patchwork rug. Can’t wait to get started on some screen printing at home!

  2. I first saw a glimpse of you in the photo on Amanda Jean’s blog. Sounds like you were very productive and in such good company!

    1. Thanks Dana. This was our third year in a row of retreating together. I think we have more fun each time. It felt so great to get so much done!

  3. Wow, you did accomplish alot! I love your new fabrics you used, lucky recipients in the exchange!

    I’m excited to see what you’ll be creating with your screen printing…….take care!

  4. What super fun and sewing goodness! Love your patchwork rugs, so colourful and your wonky stars runner reminds me of the one you made for me – I have that on my desk at work – it acts as a big workspace cushion (great for my mouse and keyboard) – I can’t tell you how many admiring comments it gets from my work colleagues and visitors to the office! How cool to make pouches from your own fabric line. Looking forward to all of the screen printing to come and also seeing your happies from your sewing friends.

  5. Wow! You made so much! And patchwork rugs? Those would get so dirty so fast in my house. You do beautiful work 🙂

  6. How fantastic. Friends and sewing the Best COMBO!

    I love your sewing area you had with your rug underneath your sewing machine foot:) And the wrist cushion is a nice touch.

    Did you put any special bottom on the bathroom rug you did? I am thinking of making one now for my guest bath.

    1. Thanks Sara! It felt great to get so much done over the weekend with my sewing friends from all over the country!I just put my patchwork rugs over a regular bathroom rug so it has extra cushion underneath. We don’t wear shoes in our house so they stay pretty clean. Quilty rugs are easy to wash so I don’t mind stepping on them.

  7. Great post-so well said! I am wishing we were still there, it is hard to return to reality, but I appreciate every minute of our chats and sewing time as it was once again much needed therapy!

  8. As with last year, I had no idea how much you got done over the weekend! You were rocking!!! Thank you so much for the zipper pouch…your fabric is SO beautiful!!

  9. it was utterly delightful to watch you sew up your 6 months of pent up sewing angst in a single weekend. dang, girl, you got a TON done. it was fun to gaze upon your beautiful AMH scraps all weekend long. (and i’m proud of myself for not stealing a single one! LOL!!!!)

    so glad you had a cool ride home. 🙂 miss you, my friend. i can’t wait for next year’s retreat!

    1. Thanks, my friend! It felt so great to get so much sewing done! I didn’t realize how much I had missed it; now I can’t stop. You could have helped yourself to any of those AMH scraps – I have a lot!

  10. Terri, you really did get quite a bit done!!! Love seeing all your colorful projects again in print. I had a wonderful time sewing with you and am so thankful for the opportunity to do so. Thank you for my beautiful pouch made with your own designer fabric. Keep sewing!

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