New Semester, New Skills, New Routine

Today was the first day of my fall semester of more graphic design classes, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I am usually one of the older students in my classes, and I think probably one of the few students who feels lucky, lucky to be taking these classes and lucky to be creating a new and uber creative career.

I have a crazy full load of classes this semester, with Illustration, Electronic Illustration, Graphic Design and Advanced Web Page Design. I am going to be very challenged in each of these classes in many different ways, ways I am excited to grow in.

It’s great to be back on campus and starting a new routine, but I must confess, I am already missing my summer routine. I was on a roll and getting so much done. I’m hoping I’ll have a few illustration projects to share with you over the next couple months. And I’m hoping to keep up with my own personal sketchbook experiments.

Thanks for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “New Semester, New Skills, New Routine

  1. I was a much better student when I was older than everyone else…a different perspective I suppose. Your classes sound intriguing and completely over my head! Have a great semester!

  2. Great sketchbook entries. As a professor, I usually love the older students. They are very focused. As an undergrad, I remember being terrified of the older students, because they were so focused and always set the curve. LOL. One confessed to me, however, that she was terrified of us 20-year-olds, because she hadn’t been back in school so long. It’s funny how that all works! Have a great semester!

  3. Wonderful sketches Terri! I know you’ll gain a lot from your classes. Since I was an older student myself, I know how you feel. Some of the younger students will be intimidated, and others will be great to work with.

    It’s great to be able to work toward a goal, you’re doing a wonderful job. Can’t wait to see what you learn this semester!

  4. It’s wonderful to hear how happy and excited you are – just the right attitude to have 🙂

    Enjoy x

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