Set of Pizza Garden Icons

For my Graphic Design class, we had to design a set of six to eight icons for a place of our choice. I chose a community vegetable garden that demonstrates how easy it is to do urban gardening. This round lot is divided into four sections, with one section devoted to pizza ingredients, which is the section I focused on for this project. They also have garden sections for Kids, Herbs and Seasonal, which changes from Spring to Fall.

We started out doing thumbnail sketches in our sketchbook to explore ideas and try different icon styles, redrew those ideas into tighter drawings, and then started to work on the computer to refine our designs. One of the most challenging parts with this project was figuring out how to draw something as simply as possible while still communicating what it is.

I love to draw food, so this was fun project for me. I really wanted to put some kind of background or framing shape behind each item, but wasn’t sure what to use. Then I had a light-bulb moment with the pizza slice, which I think ties the set together in a fun way for a garden of pizza ingredients.

I think these would be fun to have printed on a weather-proof plastic and put them on stakes in the garden. Thank you for stopping by!


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