Coming Soon – Stationery Collections!

I have been keeping a secret that has kept me very busy the past four months. In one of my summer classes, you may recall I illustrated a series of butterflies for a die-cut project, an artist book, and a silk-screen printing project.

Around the same time, my mom kept asking me to design some blank notecards for writing letters and sending birthday wishes because she ran out of her stash. Put those two ideas together, and what do you get?

I’m excited and proud to introduce my new stationery collections – Terri Wilhelm Designscoming soon!

These collections of paper goods will include notecards, mini notecards for gifts, calendars, notebooks, notepads, posters and unofficial field guides/art books.

(screenshot of the home page)

Typical for me, I couldn’t launch my new stationery business with just one collection. I thought three collections would make a better offering, so I feverishly illustrated a series of leaves and another series of fish, keeping with the nature and field guide theme.

On top of all that, I’m proud to say I built my very own e-commerce website to sell stationery independently, which will be located at I am hoping to sell these paper goods in a few select stores. I also designed an online ad to start using on a few select websites.

I’m very excited to release my stationery designs and paper goods to the world, so I hope you’ll join me in the celebration when everything is ready.

Thank you for stopping by!


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