Finals Week

This is finals week, and I have four art projects due. Needless to say, I’m a little frazzled trying to get everything just right and done in time.

new monitor in home office

For my Illustration class, I’m working on a series of three spot illustrations with a winter sports theme.

For my Electronic Illustration class, I’m working on a series of four illustrated maps to be used as postcards.

For my Graphic Design class, I am finishing a logo design and branding for a company.

For my Advanced Web Design class, I am finishing a website redesign that is responsive and flexible for desktop, tablet or smart phone screen sizes.

I try to anticipate what my instructors might say about successes and areas of improvement as I tweak each project, but you never know what someone else is going to think of your work. I’m still not used to having my work put up on an easel for the instructor (and others) to comment on and critique in front of the rest of my peers.

I have already started dreaming of things I want to work on over Christmas break, but I haven’t even started Christmas shopping or decorating our Christmas tree. I’m actually just looking forward to a day of doing nothing, which is rare.

Thinking of you and hoping your holiday season is full of love and cheer so far. Thanks for stopping by.


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