2013 Planner

At the beginning of the year, I like to write a list of things I’m planning to do and looking forward to in the upcoming year.

snowy morning2

Here’s my 2013 planner:

Graphic Design:

1. Three classes left for the Spring semester,

2. Then Portfolio in the Fall semester,

3. Then Graduation in December!

4. Draw and sketch more. Fill up more sketchbooks this year. I would love to do a Sketch-a-day project or Doodle-a-day, but I’m not too confident in my ability to keep up with that. I’m definitely going to try.

5. Illustrate more maps.

6. Illustrate recipes.

In general, I would also like to master my new drawing tablet, master the design and illustration skills I’ve learned so far on this career-changing adventure, and keep learning.


1. Get a design internship.

2. Get a design job.

3. Get more freelance design work. I would like to do more work designing logos, icons, blog buttons, spot illustrations, business cards, web sites and elements for bloggers.

4. Continue to release more sewing patterns.

5. Continue to experiment with more fabric designs.


1. Release 3 new stationery collections: herbs, wildflowers and birds.

2. Release new stationery products, such as more gift wrap, cocktail napkins, stickers, bookmarks, more hang tags. Any other ideas you would like to see?

3. Redo my stationery shop website with better html code. Make room for expansion.

4. Screen print more. I really want to try two-color prints, try white ink on kraft paper, and make some drawstring bags and sketchbook cover with my prints.

5. Try linocut block prints.

6. Make my own rubber stamps from my illustrations.


1. Plan my blog posts better: come up with a schedule for regular columns, such as my Thankful Friday theme.

2. Offer more inspiration, ideas, crafty and creative projects, DIYs, and tutorials.

I have a few things brewing that I will share soon.

green gardens


1. Plant a butterfly garden to attract more butterflies.

2. Plant herbs to dry for winter use.

3. Plant veggies for canning.


1. Alter my dress pants.

2. Paint the window frame in the garage.

3. Paint the bathrooms.

4. Shampoo the carpets.

5. Continue to dejunk.

Are you setting resolutions or making a planner for your 2013?

I like to write out a plan of things I hope to do in the new year but you never know what life will bring. I want to be open and receptive to new opportunities, forks in the road I didn’t foresee, new adventures. Here’s to a healthy, prosperous, productive, adventurous and creative year! As always, thank you for stopping by!



  • Terri, wow! All your accomplishments and goals make me feel inspired and yet, at the same time, like a bit of a sloth lol 🙂 Keep up the great work! :

    • Thanks Ivy! I think I’ve found my calling with this graphic design adventure I’m immersed in, which has kept me quite busy and prolific. I would prefer to inspire versus overwhelm others 😉

  • sounds like a busy year already! I look forward to following it 🙂

    • Thanks Jennie! It is definitely going to be another busy year, but I’m so excited to make all these great things happen. Thank you so much for your friendship!

  • Wow, that seems like a really ambitious list — coming from someone who is making few to no resolutions or plans this year beyond keeping my current job! 🙂 Best of luck with your list!

  • What an ambitious list! I know you’ll accomplish so much this year, I can’t wait to see what you have to share!

    Here’s to a great new year full of lots of adventures!

  • You’re starting the year full of enthusiasm and vigour – I hope you manage to get all of the things ticked off your list with a few unexpected goodies along the way. Enjoy 2013!!!

  • Wow. Quite a list. I am feeling overwhelmed by everything so far coming up. So, I’m not going to make a list for the year. One week at a time right now!

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