A Sewing Commission: Portfolio Clutch

One of my fellow graphic design friends asked me to make a clutch to hold her portfolio this past fall, since she graduated and was showing her portfolio book to potential employers. Portfolio books are usually about 18″ wide by 12″ tall, so this was a big clutch to make.

portfolio clutch

Her branding colors are teal and grey, so I wanted the fabric to go with that style. I used a grey wool tweed for the outside and a grey and teal suiting fabric for the lining. I also did my signature zig-zag stitching on the outside and inside, which secured the batting and interfacing even more. I also had to add teal piping on the flap for that extra punch of sass.

portfolio lining and biz card pocket

I also made a teal folder for her to put individual pieces in for handouts.

portfolio clutch folder inside

The folder comes out of the case so she can use it separately as needed.

portfolio folder

It was quite rewarding to work on this sewing commission for a friend, especially since she liked it so much, she spread the word at school. I heard from a few other graphic designs friends in the next graduating class that they might want cases for their portfolio books too, so I might be busy this spring with more sewing projects. Thank you for stopping by.



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