Free Download: January 2013 Calendar

I thought it would be fun to spread more stationery cheer by sharing a new monthly calendar download for you to use in 2013, featuring some of my field guide illustrations.

January 2013 Calendar

Click here to download the file for a January 2013 calendar, which will print on an 8.5″ by 11″ paper.

For my January calendar, I chose to feature a branch from a Blue Spruce tree along with a cone. We have a really huge blue spruce in our yard which I love, but it struggles in our humid climate. They are native to the Rocky Mountains of the U.S. where the climate is warm and dry.

I’m a few days late posting this calendar for January, but I plan to post the future months ahead of time so you can start you planning. I hope you find these free downloads helpful and fun to use! Thank you for stopping by.



  • Very pretty Terri, what a super idea! Thanks!

  • Ohhhh! i’ll be printing this out to pin on my wall at work – thanks for such a great download.

  • You’re awesome. I want to buy one of your calendars. Just haven’t gotten to it yet!

  • Hi Terri, Thanks for the freebie. In my inbox this morning
    I had an email suggesting I check my spam folder as this group had
    complaints of not receiving mail. Guess what! I had a few of my
    regulars being dumped into my yahoo spam. That’s been taken care
    of. Enjoy your posts and thanks again for the calendar. Looking
    forward to the year to come:o) Sarah

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