Custom Notecards

There are always family members who are hard to think of gifts for. A few months ago, my mom asked me to create a design for a set of custom notecards for her to give my brother-in-law for his birthday, since he has always been very good at sending notes and thank you cards.

I conspired with my sister to get pictures of his golf bag to use as inspiration for a line drawing, since he loves to golf. So I illustrated his golf bag, and designed a notecard for him. He received a set of 24 custom notecards cards for his birthday, which I’m happy to report he was surprised over and thrilled with!

We also came up with the idea of doing a set of custom notecards for my stepdad who is well-known for being an expert sailor. In addition to the sailboat, his cards also include a nautical compass, giving this design a nice asymetrical balance of three items. He too was thrilled with the design of his custom notecards.

George's custom notecards

I really enjoy doing these little illustrations and putting them onto a notecard for someone special. Do you have a friend or family member who likes to send notes? Let me know if you’re interested in a set of custom notecards with a personalized illustration. Thanks for stopping by.



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