Thankful Friday, No. 2

Each Friday,  I take a moment to capture the things I’m thankful for from the past week, to appreciate the big and the small things.


Here’s what I’m thankful for this past week:

I am thankful for fresh salads.

I am thankful for the time to finish three sewing projects.

I am thankful for the time to alter three pairs of dress pants.

I am thankful for snuggle-time with kitties.

I am thankful for the chance to unplug, or just step away from my smart phone and computer, and knit something.

I am thankful for free fonts.

I am thankful for index cards for making daily to-do lists.

I am thankful for rain in January to relieve our tree tops of heavy snow.

I am thankful for this last weekend before school starts again.

I am thankful for conversations with my mom.

What do you have to be thankful for this past week? Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for stopping by!



  • Happy thankful Friday T – hope you have a lovely weekend before school starts again. I’m thankful for finishing my last week at work and the lovely gifts and well-wishes I received. I’m also thankful for the new job I have to start on Monday and a lovely weekend off inbetween!

    • Congrats to you for finishing your last week at work! I get it felt great walking out at the end of the day. Looking forward to hearing about your new job.

  • What a wonderful looking salad, yum! I am thankful for sunshine and blue skies, and that my family is healthy and happy! Enjoy your weekend before your classes start!

    • Thanks Cheryl! It was a rare moment when we had ingredients at home for making a salad. I’m so jealous of your sunshine and blue skies. We’re have fog and rain today, which is kinda depressing, especially for January. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Great list! Enjoy your weekend and kitties and talking to your mom!

  • So what are you knitting?

  • I had a wonderful day that didn’t end so great. So, I’m having trouble feeling thankful. I know, this is when I need to do that most. Hmmmm…. I’m thankful for…..blogging friends who get my mind off my low feelings! 🙂

    • Oh no, Stephanie, I’m sorry to hear your day didn’t end so great! I hope things are okay. I know, it’s hard to always think positive. You are entitled to have low moments!

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