Storytelling Series: Meet the Monarch

I thought it would fun to do a storytelling series to introduce you to the creatures in my stationery field guide collections.

Logo Monarch Butterfly

I was inspired to illustrate the monarch butterfly for a die cut project which led to four more butterfly illustrations for an artist book / field guide, both projects for a graphic design class in summer 2012. I started out doing a couple sketches in my sketchbook to get a feel for drawing butterflies.

butterfly sketches

Then I took my sketches into the computer and drew a Monarch in Adobe Illustrator. After those projects, I got carried away, illustrating at least 12 more butterflies. That was the beginning of my journey into the stationery business.


Monarchs are probably one of the most identifiable butterflies, at least in North America. They are well-known for their long-distance migration south in winter from Canada to Mexico. Monarch caterpillars eat milkweed plants, and the adults sip nectar from the flowers of milkweeds. As milkweeds fade in fall, the Monarchs move to goldenrods. Monarchs are distasteful to birds due to the toxins from the milkweeds they eat as a caterpillar. A great way to keep predators away, which is common among many butterflies.

My Monarch butterfly illustration can be found on the month of June in my 2013 calendar,

Butterfly Calendar

on notecards for sending greetings to family and friends,

Butterfly Notecards in Orange

on mini cards for gift giving,

Mini Butterfly Notecards

on gift wrap, and more.

Gift Wrap Sheets

Stay tuned for a future storytelling series from a field guide to leaves and fish. Thanks for stopping by.



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