New Blog Banner

Many of us read blogs through a reader service, so we never click through to read a blog on the blogger’s actual site. By doing this, we might be missing out. Personally, I am constantly working on tweaking my blog, the look, the links, the resources. I’ve been using different photos for the banner on my blog over the years, mostly nature photos. I really loved my previous banner, which was this picture looking down a trail I go hiking on quite often.


I have been accumulating a rather nice pool of illustrations over the past year or more, so I thought it would be fun to start using them somewhere, like here on my blog and on my other websites.

Dark Forest Illustration

I really love how these forest illustrations turned out, which I did for a project in my Electronic Illustration class last semester. In fact, I am currently working on developing for a larger series of forest illustrations.

Enchanted Forest Illustration

I decided to use the dark forest illustration, inspired by the Snow White fairy tale, for my current blog banner.

Dark Forest Illustration

To coincide with that, I have a new blog button.

Dark Forest Blog Button

As I learn new illustration and web design skills, I’m having fun experimenting with using them for branding and spots on my blog and my websites. I’ve been making a few other subtle changes around here, so stop by sometime to have a looksie.

Thanks for stopping by.


PS – If you’re interested in having a custom banner designed for your blog, let me know! I would love to add that to my freelance design work.


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