A Case For My New Drawing Tablet

Since I got a new digital drawing tablet for Christmas, I had to make a case for it.

case for my drawing tablet

I had two large pieces of velveteen fabric in my stash, which seemed like a great fabric to wrap around my new tablet, since it’s heavy-duty like upholstery-weight fabric and it’s quite soft to touch.

tablet case - open flap

I measured the tablet and added to my measurements for seam allowance. The tablet has a loop on it to store the pen, which is quite handy, so I added that to my measurements as well. I  made a small inside pocket to keep the cord that plugs into my computer.

tablet case - inside

Since I had a couple large pieces of velveteen, I decided to make a second case!

another case for my tablet

It was a good way to test my own pattern.another case for my tablet - open flapI love how snug the tablet fits into each case so there’s no shifting.

another case for my tablet - inside

This was a fun experiment, and a great way to get me sewing again, which I haven’t done much of lately. Thanks for stopping by.



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