Random Thursday Favorites

Sharing some of my current random favorite finds.

Random Favorites 2

1 – ALVIN Draft Matic mechanical pencil

2 – Constellations fabric by Lizzy House

3 – Mega Shine Top Coat by Sally Hansen

4 – Coffee-Mate Italian Sweet Creamer

5 – Toothpick Jeans by J.Crew

Have you found any favorite things lately? I would love to hear about them. Thanks for stopping by.



  • We did an exchange of our most favorite thing with my mommy’s group. It was a lot of fun! Love that fabric line by Lizzy House!!

  • One of my new favorites is Hershey’s Simple Pleasures milk chocolate with chocolate cream centers…what can I say, I have a serious chocolate addiction and it has 30 % less fat. More please!

  • Me want the pencil. Have fetish for pens and pencils. 🙂 Hee hee. Fun.

  • LOVE your random picks! I’m trying not to purchase any fabric but I keep looking at Constellations. Hmmmm. Wish I could fit into toothpick jeans–you would look great in them!

    • Thanks Cindy. Maybe I’ll be able to get a pair of those cute toothpick jeans in spring. Those Constellation prints are so fun. I love Lizzy’s illustrations, and the shapes she uses, and the colors in this collection. I might have to get a small pack to make a sketchbook set.

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