Storytelling Series: Meet the Sycamore Leaf

Welcome to the next edition of my storytelling series introducing you to the creatures in my stationery field guide collections. Today, I’m featuring the sycamore leaf.

Sycamore Leaf

My mom suggested I draw a sycamore because it looks similar to a maple leaf, but it can be bigger and, in my opinion, even prettier.

Sycamore Leaf Spiky Pod

Sycamore trees are in the deciduous tree family, meaning their leaves fall off seasonally.They are typically found in midwestern to southern U.S., Argentina and Australia. They can grow up to 175 feet tall. I can’t even imagine a tree that tall! Sycamore leaves grow sticky buds which produce new 16 leaves the following year. The bark is yellow and flakes off. Fruit balls are bristly and hang on long stems.

My Sycamore leaf illustration can be found on notecards,

sycamore notecards

the month of August on my calendars,

sycamore calendar page

on notebook covers and in notepads,

sycamore notebooks

on gift wrap, and more.

sycamore giftwrap

Stay tuned for a future storytelling series from a field guide to leaves and fish. Thanks for stopping by.



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