Inspiration Wednesday: Inspired By Creative Thursday

I have been a big follower of Marisa Anne of Creative Thursday for several years. I think her creatures are uber charming and whimsical.

I finally ordered her new book, Creative Thursday, about how to grow your creative practice. I read it from cover to cover in a matter of days. It’s one of the most inspiring, uplifting and thoughtful books. I carry it with me almost everywhere I go, since I’m now re-reading it, studying it with more focus. Some of my favorite topics, which feel like conversations with Marisa, include finding inspiration, redefining your idea of perfection, forming habits to stay creative consistently, finding your own voice, stockpiling ideas and developing your skills.


I also ordered one of her new care packages, which came with a print, a pack of fabrics, a wall decal, a valentine, an embroidery project, a button and magnet (not pictured here).


While I was in the shopping mood, I also ordered a variety pack of fabrics from her other collections. I love the different colors, patterns and scale she included. I haven’t decided what to make, but I’m thinking about making one of my favorite projects – a sketchbook set, which includes a moleskin cover and zippered pouch to carry drawing tools. Since I admire Marisa’s drawings and art, why not use them to inspire mine. I don’t intend to mimic her style or anyone else’s style. I am inspired and uplifted by other creatives, which in turn gets my creative juices going to work on my own subjects and my own illustration style.


Do you have a creative person out there in the big wide world whom you admire? Have you supported them lately? Hope you found some inspiration today!



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