Storytelling Series: Meet the Black Crappie Fish

Welcome to the next edition of my storytelling series introducing you to the creatures in my stationery field guide collections. Today, I’m featuring the Black Crappie fish.

Black Crappie Fish

The Black Crappie fish is in the Sunfish family. They are green in color, mottled by dark green and black with many spots. They are typically found in the U.S. and southern Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains. They hide in weed beds in deep water during the day. Black Crappies can grow up to 16 inches long, the largest of the deep-bodied sunfishes. My brother likes to catch a cariety of crappies and sunfish on his fishing adventures, so I thought a series of fish illustrations might appeal to guys.

This crappie was the first fish illustration I did for the fish collection, so it’s one of my favorites. I used it in the logo for my field guide to fish, which you will see on my business cards when you order from my fish collection.


My Black Crappie fish illustration can be found on notecards,

Fish Notecards

the month of January on my calendars,

Fish Calendar - January Crappie

in my Field Guide to Fish,

field guide crappie page

on notepads,

Fish Notepad

and more.

Fish Poster

It’s been fun sharing these stories with you, so I hope you found this series inspiring and interesting. Thanks for stopping by.



  • The fish are great! I’m sure there are a lot of guys that would enjoy using the notepads and cards. They would look great in the office!

    • Thanks so much Cheryl, for stopping and taking the time to leave a comment. Seems like no one does that anymore. I thought having a collection of cards with a guy theme would be nice to send cards to guys, especially outdoorsman. Hope you’re doing well these days.

  • I didn’t know they were so pretty! Nice!

  • Mark used to take about crappie all the time but I thought it would be spelled something like “croppy” so I was surprised to see how it was really spelled! Beautifully illustrated.

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