Inspiration Wednesday and Random Facts

How nice to receive an Inspiring Blog Award from Lili and Mum’s.

inspiring blog award

It’s nice to find out at least one person out there is inspired by their visit here.

Paper Subscription February

(goodies from paper subscription from It’s Paper Dear)

Here are seven random facts about me:

1. February is my least favorite month. June is my favorite month.

2. I worked for the US Air Force when I was 17-18 years old.

3. I used to play saxophone in middle school and high school. I was in marching band and jazz band.

4. I would love to live in a climate where plants don’t go dormant for 5-6 months of the year. (Can you tell I’m tired of winter, non-stop snow and shoveling?)

5. I love to collect stickers, postcards, notecards, brochures and other paper goodies for inspiration.

6. I have always wanted to learn how to surf.

7. I have always wanted to learn archery. Not to hunt anything. Just learn to shoot a bow and arrow.

Thank you to Lili and Mum’s. And thank you for stopping by!



  • Congrats, Terri! Keep up the great creative crafts. Thanks for always sharing your creative ideas. Be Blessed,

  • SherbertPipWish

    Congratulations on your well deserved award Terri – your blog is always inspirational to visit. Really cool random facts too – my son took up archery for a little while – you should find a local group. Apparently spring is just around the corner – lets hope so as I can’t wait to say hello to it – although we do have crocus and daffodils starting to appear so maybe its arrived here already!

    • Thanks so much Michelle! I appreciate that. My brother told me he thinks our sporting goods stores probably offer archery classes. How lucky for you to see signs of spring with crocus and daffodils starting to pop up! We just got buried in another snow storm yesterday. Another 10 inches. Our snowbanks are taller than Dave now!

  • Some flowers would be nice right about now even if we don’t get snow! My hubby wants to teach our son eventually. It would be cool to learn I think.

  • What a cool award–definitely deserved! How fun to read the random things about you–as you know “random” is a favorite of mine! I remember when I was in high school I did an archery unit in P.E. It was really fun, although I did end up with a big bruise on my left arm where the string apparently kept hitting my arm. But still…it would be great to take some classes!

    Oh, how Mark misses snow. Do you think he would REALLY miss it if he came and did the shoveling for you whenever you need it?

  • You are an inspiration to us all Terri!!! Love reading all the random facts about you. Congratulations on your well deserved award.

  • I played saxophone, too! I learned archery in college…had a bruise the size of softball on the inside of my elbow for weeks!

    I wouldn’t miss reading your blog. There’s always lots going on:)

  • Congrats on the award! And to know that I am still learning wonderful things about you after all of this time! I had a couple of bow and arrow sets when I was in my teens. A fun thing to do! I cringe every time I hear about the snow piling up more in the East, so glad the flowers are starting to come up here! You’ll be seeing more signs before you know it!

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