Inspiration Wednesday: Mood Boards

For one of my design projects, we are designing labels and hang tags for a product, existing or fictitious. I decided to give the Summer Kitchen a brand with a logo, labels for their jam jars and a hang tag telling their story. They are a famous seller and founder of our farmers’ market. But their current labels are quite under-designed. We also have to do a photo shoot to be used in an advertisement of our design.

To start out, we had to put together a concept board and a photo style board. Normally, I would assembler photos that inspire my concept and put them together in a collage in Photoshop. For this project, my teacher wanted us to make a traditional mood board where you cut out images, patterns, color swatches and paste them onto a foam core board. At first I was going to make their brand look simple and modern with a clean, minimal design.

summer kitchen concept board

We had to do the same thing on the other side with images of photography styles we like.

summer kitchen photo styles

Based on feedback from my class and my teacher, some of the ideas I put on those boards above changed, so I made new boards to coincide with my new direction. I’m focusing more on bright, bold colors and the medallion/sun shape I drew.

Summer Kitchen Mood Board2

I decided to change the colors from pink, blue and green (berry colors) to summer colors. I decided to use more handwritten-looking fonts, as if someone actually wrote on the label with a marker. I also decided not to use a hand in my photo shoot since I don’t have access to a hand model.

Summer Kitchen Photo Board2

The value of a mood board is huge, especially if you’re able to stick to that direction. But it’s also good to be flexible and make changes along the way, as your concepts and design ideas evolve. Stay tuned for an update on the finished label, hang tags, photo shoot and ad designs.

Hope you found some inspiration here today. Thanks for stopping by!


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  • liveacolorfullife

    This is so fun to follow the progress of your mood boards. It’s interesting how things change along the way. I have had in my mind a definite border for the quilt I’m working on. Now that 12 out of 16 blocks are done I realize the complex border will not work. In fact it will be too wimpy against those 24 inch blocks regardless of how much I love it. So I’m going simpler and bolder. Sometimes you have to choose a different route. It will be interesting to see your final decisions. I can hardly wait.

  • These are fabulous collage boards and your ideas are pouring out of you!!

  • Very interesting process! I love to see how you put things together.

    • Thanks Vicki! Most of the time, I put things together on instinct, which my teachers usually don’t like. They want us to make intentional design decisions.

  • I love the boards, a great way to get some constructive criticism, and insight on some new ideas. I can’t wait to see what your finished project looks like!

    • Thanks Cheryl! I do love making mood boards these days. It’s been quite an exercise for this project since my direction changed mid-stream.

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