Inspiration Wednesday: People

Today, my featured inspiration is a little different. I’m often inspired by people, not just other designers or creatives, but people who help me be a better person, people who brainstorm with me, people who think outside the box, people who can think big picture, people who don’t do what everyone else does, people who are creative problem solvers, people who come up with an idea no one else has, people with an imagination for things that don’t already exist. My greatest source of inspiration is my husband Dave, who will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow.

Dave hiking in Red Rock Canyon

So I wanted to honor him here. He is one of the strongest people I know, which I admire because I have thin skin. He has all the confidence a person needs to get through life. He can fix anything. He makes me laugh till I cry. He instills confidence in me to be a better, stronger me. He encourages me and pushes me. It’s a great day to celebrate! Happy Birthday, Dave!



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